At Laurie's house, I saw this picture of a Brussels Griffon wearing a pink doggie sweater & pearls in the Anthropologie catalog, and immediately became obsessed. These are the tiny dogs with normal dog bodies and bizarrely adorable Chewbacca faces. This dog-obsession has happened to me before with French Bulldogs -- usually after I do about a half hour of web research and looking at photos on Dogster, I'm reminded that dogs are a lot of work and I'm probably not yet ready for the commitment. Dogster is great for dog research -- after reading enough owner comments like "humps everything in sight, including thin air" and "DON'T touch my nose!", my obsession begins to wane. But how cute is Murray? And his brother Tango? Check out the smile on Lilly.

What I would give to spend a day with these fatties.


Last night I saw a commercial with Ted Nugent urging people to vote, with the slogan "Have it your way", sponsored by Burger King. According to a short news item on Blabbermouth.net:
"All of the spots are unbiased and devoid of political commentary," Burger King said.
Um, is it not crystal clear which candidate is going to get loudmouth, gun-toting maniac Ted Nugent's vote? Other artists included in the BK campaign are P. Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Michelle Branch, and Joel Madden, lead singer of Good Charlotte. Who picked these people? Does Good Charlotte have any fans who are old enough to vote?

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