All this time I've been using DSL to connect to the internet, and in order to have DSL you have to have a phone line. Being one person with two different phone lines is kind of absurd when you think about it; but it's especially absurd when I look at the bill (charges, surcharges, taxes, fees, OY). So in a flash of brilliance, I decide to try broadband, cable internet, whatever you call it. In order to get high-speed internet from Comcast, I have to get cable TV. Up until now, I've prided myself on having plenty of television to watch with just my TV and the giant antenna perched atop it. While I'm already excited to watch the Food Network and find out which half hour MTV devotes to playing videos, my darkest fear is that I will get sucked into spending my Sunday afternoons watching Real World marathons. If you sense this is happening to me, please stage an intervention.

The other day I got an email from Bluford with an mp3 of a song he co-wrote with a girl in Nashville. It's very pop, kind of in the Hilary Duff vein, and it's called "I Like Me". Yet another reason why Blu rules -- he's writing empowering feminist pop songs for teenage girls. While I'm singing Blu's praises, read this funny journal entry he wrote and check out his page of camera phone photos.

Even though I was in New York during the entirety of CMJ, I didn't get to see any music (that's what we get for travelling to Woodstock twice in 3 days). Thanks to KEXP, we can click here to listen to archives of all of the following live in-studio performances:
Arcade Fire
Joseph Arthur
Bobby Bare Jr.
Richard Buckner
The Concretes
The Decemberists
Nicolai Dunger
Sondre Lerche
Radio 4
Radio Nationals
Sea Ray
Sons and Daughters
Sufjan Stevens
Ted Leo

Lastly, I have two shows for Little Queen this weekend:

Buddha Bazaar
at Ceiba Boutique -- 1364 Haight St


SUNDAY 10/24
Feria Urbana
at Madrone Lounge - 500 Divisadero @ Fell Street
6-10 P.M.

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