This morning I met my friend Steve for breakfast at the Dipsea Cafe, then went to check out his new house in Marin. It's sick. Let's not feel sorry for Steve.

I'm in dire need of an adventure, and I'm not sure I can wait til October for the next film festival. I should have taken that ticket to the ACL Festival that Richud offered...

Speaking of music, where has Aloha been all my life? Listen to this mp3 of "All the Wars" (via stereogum).

An article on Nancy Wilson!!

Just got an email from Fil -- he's in the studio with Poe, Duncan and Matty, cooking up something real good judging by what I heard at the Kerry benefit Poe organized back in July. Let's take a peek at the proceedings:

Fil, Poe & Matt Posted by Hello

 Posted by Hello

Maybe now Chris will send me a photo from the studio where he's recording the new Electric Six record.

Holy Finn Brothers! "Everyone Is Here" is good!

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