These are called laurels, and they belong to the documentary film "Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley" (congratulations Nyla, Laurie & Peter!) Now I know where the cautionary phrase "don't rest on your laurels" comes from. No worries about that, this is just the start of more laurels to come.

People ask me why I don't want a cat as a pet. This is just one reason (Windows Media player needed). At least if a dog doesn't like you, you usually know it from the get-go.

Last night Josef, Melissa, Lindsey, Robin and I went to the 14th Annual Hank Williams Sr. Birthday Tribute & Karaoke Party at the Elbo Room. I think Josef, Melissa and I were partially drawn to it because we're all from Texas and were looking for excuses to don our cowboy boots & shirts and listen to some country music. I'll tell you, I never knew I had Texas pride until I moved away. Anyhow, it was an enjoyable evening, complete with warbling karaoke singers, bedazzled outfits and more than one costume change by more than one performer. The singers were backed up by The New Drifting Cowboys, a solid band with a great pedal steel player. My favorite singer was Jim, an older gray-haired gentleman in a dapper cowboy getup who was still getting up to sing as us younguns were calling it a night.

Melissa & I have the same camera phone, and thanks to her I found this whole menu of options I didn't know my phone had. Flash! White balance! Who knew? There's also an option called fun frames. Now when Josef calls me, this is what my phone shows me:

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