'Shame' will be the third single from PJ Harvey's brilliant album 'Uh Huh Her'. Watch a :30 preview of the video for 'Shame' here. (Windows Media file)

Speaking of PJ, after hearing about Mark Lanegan's new solo record Bubblegum a few times, I'm finally ready to check it out. PJ duets on two songs with him, "Come To Me" and "Hit The City". You might know Mark from Screaming Trees or Queens of the Stone Age.

I've been meaning to make a happy mix with songs that make me feel motivated and optimistic. The Finn Brothers song I posted earlier would be on it, as would this song by Rival Schools:

mp3: "Good Things" by Rival Schools

Rival Schools put out the album "United By Fate" in 2001. It quickly became one of my favorites, and then I never heard from them again. What ever happened to Rival Schools? If you like this song, you should buy the album, I promise you won't regret it.

I was going to post all of this yesterday, but Blogger was on the fritz. But today in my Tripwire email, thanks to Matt DuFour I found out what happened to the singer of Rival Schools!

Walter Schreifels (founder of Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand, Rival Schools) has gone and founded a new band named Walking Concert.

mp3: "New Thing" by Walking Concert.

I can't wait to buy the album.

Tonight is the Tilly and the Wall / Now It's Overhead / Rilo Kiley show at Bimbo's.
I've been looking forward to this show for weeks. I've already seen NIO live and they're great, and I'm excited to see Tilly and the Wall. I love their record "Wild Like Children", which at first listen seems optimistic and a little schtick-y (they have a tap dancer) in a Polyphonic Spree type way, but upon further listens the quality songwriting and collective charm will hook you. Check it out on Team Love's website.

Team Love is the label run by Conor Oberst and my pal Nate. This is David Dondero.

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