A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera

Running RAG on Sunday was fun, I got to play my CDs, talk to random people, see what clothes each person liked, and make a few bucks. One lady complained about my Joanna Newsom CD (complete with an ear-splitting imitation), but The Constantines "Shine a Light" delighted a guy waiting while his girlfriend tried on dresses. Marlena from "Days of Our Lives" stopped in to buy a t-shirt for her son, which was mildly exciting since I used to watch that show in high school.

I saw the entirely too long Vanity Fair yesterday. Reese's accent was passable, the usually-toothsome Jonathan Rhys Meyers came across as the poor man's Joaquin Phoenix, and James Purefoy wore his knee-high leather boots very well. I almost walked out towards the end out of sheer boredom, but the phenomenal costumes and hairstyles kept me in my seat. Save your shillings and wait for this one to come out on DVD.

Get highbrow: Read a Don Paterson poem.

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