My friend Dave was supposed to fly to SF to hang out with me today, but fate wasn't having it. Dave was my best pal when I lived in NYC, we used to hang out in bars past 4am drinking whiskey, talking about music & laughing at the tiny marlin at Luna Lounge. Let's all go to Dave's website now and listen to "What Your Money Wants" - the song will stick in your head all day, and it'll seem like he's here.

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Note to SFist: If you want me to take your concert reviewers seriously, you might want to teach them the difference between an upright bass and a cello. Thanks.

My friend Chris and I had a long philosophical discussion over IM on Tuesday about the different ways someone can be attractive. Lately Chris is an international playboy who knows attractive women in several countries. I suppose that's the beauty of touring.
This is how he gets the ladies:

Yesterday I traded some old CDs at Amoeba and got some new ones.

The new Velvet Teen CD, "Elysium". I bought this without reading anything about it, since I liked one of their demos and their first CD, and it was only ten bucks. Two things startled me about this record:
#1: No guitars! Well, crap. I like the moody piano ballads as much as the next guy, but gimme some variety, some dynamics or I'm going to nod off.
#2: No words in the CD art! No liner notes, no lyrics, no credits, no thank you's, just the name and the Slowdance logo. One of the first things I do when I get a new CD is peruse the artwork for words and photos. Getting no words stressed me out. Still not sure if I'm annoyed or awed by this bold move.

I also got the Finn Brothers "Everyone Is Here" CD but haven't listened to it yet. Neil Finn is one of my favorite singer-songwriters of all time. I got to shake his hand when my friend JD introduced us at a party in LA 2 years ago. I just smiled and stammered hello while experiencing sharp pains in my skull. You just can't put that kind of admiration into words, so it's better left unsaid.

Tried to buy Ian's CD too, but Amoeba had sold out of it. Nice!

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