I fancy myself a relatively health-conscious person, so when I catch a cold I feel foiled, defeated. I've got my holistic meds on the case, and I'm about to drink some horrible tea-like Dr. Weil concoction made from ginger, cayenne pepper, lemon, garlic and honey. What does not kill me makes me stronger.

In Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley news, the festival screenings are selling like mad and we still have two weeks until they start. The Sunday screening at Woodstock is sold out so they added a Friday night screening, and Leeds just added a third screening due to the interest level they were getting. The CMJ screening will be on Saturday 10/16, right in the middle of the Woodstock festivities. It's going to be one busy weekend. For full ticket info, go to the AGJB website.

Kinda disappointed by "What You Waiting For?" from Gwen Stefani's forthcoming solo album. Click here to listen to a clip.

The Stypod has some flamenco mp3s up for your perusal. Now this is good use of bandwidth. It makes me wish my old Palm Pilot wasn't broken, because I had written in it a whole list of flamenco music recommended by Billy White. Rats. I guess I could email him about it.

Dear Finn Brothers,

It has come to my attention that Minnie Driver once saved one or both of you from a burning building, otherwise I cannot imagine why you chose to take her as the opening act on your upcoming UK/Dublin tour. Have you not listened to any songs off her record? Or read Thomas Bartlett's review of it on salon.com where he says "Her style falls somewhere between Norah Jones and Natalie Merchant, but somehow manages to be more boring than either of them (quite a feat)"? She even links to Bob Schneider on her webpage and calls him a "sublime musician"! Wrong, wrong, and wrong.

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and chalk this up to some backdoor industry dealmaking. Just please, please don't let this happen again.

your fan,

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