Dave Eggers is going to be on Conan O'Brien tonight, something I would love to watch if only I had CABLE. Oh yes, I have a TV, and a robust antenna, but no NBC. Can someone please explain to me why I can't get NBC in this city without having cable? Makes no sense.

There's a new Gary Benchley letter up at The Morning News. I stumbled across this "column" a few months ago, supposedly written by a 22 year old aspiring musician in New York City. The writing is fresh and amusing, with tons of great music references. You can read the archives. Here's an excerpt I like:

"Looking at the buildings and lights rising over the dark of the East River made me feel bigger than my problems. The skyline reminded me of the way music looks in a mixing program on a computer. In Pro Tools, songs are shown as waves. Loud parts of a song are high peaks; quiet parts are valleys. Manhattan looked like that, peaks and valleys, a song thirteen miles long.

I tried to hum the buildings, remembering the parts of the city I couldn’t see. The song opens very quietly, in the park at the Battery, but then gets Nirvana-huge with Wall Street’s distortion and noise. Then it fades quickly, but only to build up to the climax of midtown. There you come to the Empire State Building, huge and orchestrated: grand piano, drums, and acoustic bass. Still heading uptown, it gets a little quieter, with another loud moment for the Citibank building (that building is definitely a synthesizer solo). Once you pass midtown, the song begins to fade, all the way to Inwood."

Listen to The Arcade Fire, another great music recommendation I found via Stereogum. Pre-order Funeral now.

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