Someone please start doing this in San Francisco!! I have my own skates and Volcano, I'm Still Excited sounds like the perfect soundtrack.

Conspiracy Theorist: Rilo Kiley's bio.
...Rilo Kiley decided to release the new album themselves. They founded their own label and called it "Brute/Beaute Records"...and then secured major label distribution for the imprint.
So did they REALLY just up and decide they wanted off Saddle Creek (why??) to start their own label, and THEN, out of the blue, Warner Bros. Distribution came calling? -OR- Is this essentially a major label deal that's been set up as an indie imprint distro deal in an attempt to try and maintain their indie rock cred?

New CDs:
Jolie Holland "Escondida"
The Constantines "Constantines"
Azure Ray "Hold On Love" -- don't know why it took me so long to buy this

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