My ol' pal Dan Dyer finally has a solo record out today. It's been a long time coming, he was working on this thing back in our NYC days; demos, management, showcases & the like. I'm glad the record's done and he's on the road, because he's got a stellar voice, that's why Toyota and Budweiser used to pay him the big bucks to hawk their wares. I just hope Dan doesn't get stuck in Austin's local-hero ghetto -- we've already seen that a superfamous affiliation and a major label deal isn't a guarantee to break out of Austin. Watch hunky Dan frolic on the beach in his video for "Great Ocean" here.

You know when something seemingly bad happens, but ends up leading to something better? The better part of last night was my deciding to go rollerskating, which I haven't done in a good 6 months. I went to the neighborhood gym and skated on the outdoor blacktop while the sun was setting.

My skates are white with hot pink laces & wheels. Thanks Ebay! Posted by Hello

The best part was that I had the mix Nyla made me ("Krissy's Portable Roller Rink") loaded into my iPod, and let me tell you, it was a winner. Olivia Newton-John, Goldfrapp, the Bee Gees, Heart (she knows me well), the Runaways... so good. Now that you know I'm a total dork, I encourage all of you reading this (yes, that means both of you) to do something old school this week, something you used to enjoy when you were little, that you don't want to quit doing even though it's dinnertime and the sun's gone down.

cover for "Krissy's Portable Roller Rink" -- mix & collage by Nyla Posted by Hello

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