"I've got soul but I'm not a soldier" -- The Killers. Um, what?

This line makes no sense and it annoys me. To make things worse, it's repeated, singalong style. Argh. But I like the Killers, I liked them last summer when Braden gave me a 4 song demo that I played over & over in my car. Before the Killers were omigodTHEKILLERS!!! Just sayin'.

I saw that Houston is in the Billboard Top 10 this week, but alas it is not the Houston I know and love. Or make that "loved" -- I just went to their website and saw that they broke up. D'oh! I never got to see them live, but I did barely miss them opening for Shiner (also RIP) a few times. At least we still have The Life and Times.

"Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley" premiered on the big screen over the weekend in LA and London. Congratulations to Nyla and Laurie!! Laurie went to London for the Mojo Magazine premiere, and Nyla, Peter & I headed to LA for the Don't Knock the Rock Film Festival screening. The fabulous and energetic Michael Des Barres welcomed the audience and then brought Mary up, who gave an eloquent introduction to the film. The theatre was nearly sold out (great news for an unannounced screening!) and the audience stayed for a lengthy Q&A following the screening. Thanks to Allison Anders, Tiffany Anders, Gianna Chacere, & Rebecca Fisher -- the film and music festival rocked, appropriately.

Peter, me, Mary, Michelle, Nyla at the Arclight Posted by Hello

I got to see two shows as part of the festival -- John Doe and dios on Thursday night and PJ HARVEY on Sunday. Even though watching John play is always a treat, he was in rare form, and dios (malos), like a rainbow in the dark, swiftly erased any of my Grandaddy-wannabe preconceptions. And PJ. She's a tiny lioness, and she can do no wrong. Here's a crappy camera phone photo of the show:
A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera

It was also great to see Jenny, I mean, Kasey Bomber who invited Ashod and I to the 1st anniversary party for the L.A. Derby Dolls. Good old fashioned roller derby is back! These women are tough, and they're prepared. I can't wait to go to a bout and see Kasey kick some ass.
Kasey Bomber Posted by Hello

Ashod was a fabulous and dashing host, driving us around to shows, movies, overpriced late-night eateries (hot cheesefish sandwich anyone?), and a shoe store with a disappointing selection. I also got to hear good indie rock and see the ship's immaculately clean recording studio. Here's Ashod looking like the lost Baldwin brother.
A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera

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