I wish there was a Ctrl+F Find function for real things. Housekeys, lost earrings, that needle I dropped somewhere and don't want to step on. Right now I have no idea where my Frou Frou CD is, and I'm itching to listen to it since "Let Go" has been resurrected on the Garden State soundtrack. I suppose I could listen to my Imogen Heap "I Megaphone" record instead, Imogen's Morissette-ish debut.

I discovered that CD when I was working at ABCD's in Austin in '97 and had free reign to pilfer the promo CDs in the back room. That's also where I discovered The Mayfield Four, whose singer Myles I befriended (we bonded over our worship of Jeff Buckley and Chris Whitley), and 5 years later he's been resurrected as the frontman of Alter Bridge (that's 75% former Creed members for those of you who didn't know).

I'm very happy that Imogen and Myles are back in the spotlight, they're two of the best singers we've got.

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