I went to see "We Don't Live Here Anymore" yesterday at the Embarcadero Theatre. Ruffalo almost pulled off being unlikeable, which I didn't think was possible, and Laura Dern frightened me with her scarecrow arms and tightrope-walk over the brink of insanity. Sometimes I'm astounded at what actors will do in front of a camera. I'm not talking about anything salacious, I'm referring more to abject misery and awkward sex scenes. Anyway the movie was real and heavy and thought-provoking and depressing. So if you're into that sort of thing...

Afterward I sat outside in the sunshine on one of the walkways at the Embarcadero Center and started reading the books I bought.

My purchases were "The Time Traveler's Wife" by Niffenegger (unfortunate last name) b/c Nyla wants me to read it with her, (even though she hasn't finished Crimson yet, ahem), and "The Golden Compass" by Pullman, part of the 'His Dark Materials' trilogy. Normally I would never read Sci-Fi or YA, but when I accosted Saul Williams backstage at the Plea for Peace tour in May and asked him what 3 books & 3 poets I should read before I die, this was one of his selections. Nyla also recommended it. So I'm on page 49 and haven't had any nightmares. Yet.

Other weekend activities included going to RAG's Fashion Week Brunch to hang with Blakely, Ashton and Chupa the chihuahua, and Feria Urbana to chat with Darcy. I also rented The Company, which was disappointing in that I was under the impression that it was a movie. Despite being directed by Altman and featuring legitimate actors Malcolm McDowell and James Franco, it was fascinatingly devoid of any PLOT. Sure, things happened, people went to places, there were tears, laughter, injuries, and costume changes. But no story. I enjoyed it in spite of this, because the dancing was wonderful. I expected Neve Campbell to be a half-assed ballerina, mainly hiding out in the corps except for a few strategic face close-ups, but she was the real deal. She could be a professional dancer. Impressive. But DO NOT rent this unless you're going through a renewed dance obsession, like I am.

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