I watched a fascinating show on PBS last night about octopuses (octopi?). Most all sea creatures either scare me senseless (whales) or make me want to hork (squids) -- the octopus makes me feel both sensations. Did you know that they can morph & squish themselves into impossibly tiny spaces AND they change the camouflaging colors on their 'skin' faster and more vividly than chameleons? In one experiment, the scientists left an octopus in one tank of water in a lab room, and a couple of tasty crabs in a separate tank of water a couple of feet away. They left cameras running overnight and caught the octopus CLIMBING OUT OF THE TANK, shimmying across the dry floor, and pulling itself into the crab-tank by its sucker-footed arms for a little midnight snack. Seeing that gelatinous glob rolling across the concrete floor was horrifying, but damned impressive.

In music news, I went with my friend Josef to see Joanna Newsom and Sufjan Stevens on Saturday night at the Great American. Joanna did not disappoint -- of course I was impressed with her songwriting and her skills as a harp player, but what most impresses me is her fearless, unapologetic delivery of her art. There are no caveats, no qualifications, no chasers. You either get it or you don't. Amen to that. Sufjan's band sounded great, but what was with the inane boy scout uniforms? They're not the Hives. They don't need a costume shtick.

It's gray and rainy in San Francisco this morning. Time to make some scarves.

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