For the first time in a long time, I've had the patience and optimism to scout around for new music, but where do I look? I ran across this service from House of Heavy where they send you a compilation of tracks from new bands and you pay a "shipping & handling" charge of $3.33 per month, or $39.98 per year. This company undoubtedly charges each band/label a fee per track, then makes a little bit off of each person's subscription, and we all know that promo compilations are worthless after you've listened to them once. Good thing I can listen to this month's compilation for free online.

Three successful managers lamenting the state of the music industry. I didn't learn anything new from this article, but I agree with most of what they said. Andy Gould makes a good point:
"It's impossible to get anything done these days because record companies are watching every penny while the dollars are flying out the window. They often pay enormous advances for bands that have no real reality base to be paid, and they're paying huge salaries to executives who have failed miserably at other companies. Then when it comes to us going in and asking for something that is basically paying for their salary, which is, 'let's market the records that we're involved with,' they start questioning: Why? Where? How? It's difficult on a good day and impossible on a bad day. They're spending $100 million on mergers that never go through and then when you ask to keep a band on the road for an extra $800 a week they're bitching at you. It's really tough right now."

Shopping list:
Constantines first album

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