My ol' pal Dan Dyer finally has a solo record out today. It's been a long time coming, he was working on this thing back in our NYC days; demos, management, showcases & the like. I'm glad the record's done and he's on the road, because he's got a stellar voice, that's why Toyota and Budweiser used to pay him the big bucks to hawk their wares. I just hope Dan doesn't get stuck in Austin's local-hero ghetto -- we've already seen that a superfamous affiliation and a major label deal isn't a guarantee to break out of Austin. Watch hunky Dan frolic on the beach in his video for "Great Ocean" here.

You know when something seemingly bad happens, but ends up leading to something better? The better part of last night was my deciding to go rollerskating, which I haven't done in a good 6 months. I went to the neighborhood gym and skated on the outdoor blacktop while the sun was setting.

My skates are white with hot pink laces & wheels. Thanks Ebay! Posted by Hello

The best part was that I had the mix Nyla made me ("Krissy's Portable Roller Rink") loaded into my iPod, and let me tell you, it was a winner. Olivia Newton-John, Goldfrapp, the Bee Gees, Heart (she knows me well), the Runaways... so good. Now that you know I'm a total dork, I encourage all of you reading this (yes, that means both of you) to do something old school this week, something you used to enjoy when you were little, that you don't want to quit doing even though it's dinnertime and the sun's gone down.

cover for "Krissy's Portable Roller Rink" -- mix & collage by Nyla Posted by Hello


I went to see "We Don't Live Here Anymore" yesterday at the Embarcadero Theatre. Ruffalo almost pulled off being unlikeable, which I didn't think was possible, and Laura Dern frightened me with her scarecrow arms and tightrope-walk over the brink of insanity. Sometimes I'm astounded at what actors will do in front of a camera. I'm not talking about anything salacious, I'm referring more to abject misery and awkward sex scenes. Anyway the movie was real and heavy and thought-provoking and depressing. So if you're into that sort of thing...

Afterward I sat outside in the sunshine on one of the walkways at the Embarcadero Center and started reading the books I bought.

My purchases were "The Time Traveler's Wife" by Niffenegger (unfortunate last name) b/c Nyla wants me to read it with her, (even though she hasn't finished Crimson yet, ahem), and "The Golden Compass" by Pullman, part of the 'His Dark Materials' trilogy. Normally I would never read Sci-Fi or YA, but when I accosted Saul Williams backstage at the Plea for Peace tour in May and asked him what 3 books & 3 poets I should read before I die, this was one of his selections. Nyla also recommended it. So I'm on page 49 and haven't had any nightmares. Yet.

Other weekend activities included going to RAG's Fashion Week Brunch to hang with Blakely, Ashton and Chupa the chihuahua, and Feria Urbana to chat with Darcy. I also rented The Company, which was disappointing in that I was under the impression that it was a movie. Despite being directed by Altman and featuring legitimate actors Malcolm McDowell and James Franco, it was fascinatingly devoid of any PLOT. Sure, things happened, people went to places, there were tears, laughter, injuries, and costume changes. But no story. I enjoyed it in spite of this, because the dancing was wonderful. I expected Neve Campbell to be a half-assed ballerina, mainly hiding out in the corps except for a few strategic face close-ups, but she was the real deal. She could be a professional dancer. Impressive. But DO NOT rent this unless you're going through a renewed dance obsession, like I am.


Dang, it's actually hot in San Francisco today. Just dropped off a load of new Little Queen items at Venus Superstar on Sutter St.: flower pins & hairclips, scarves, and brand-new-for-fall capelets:

It was lovely spending some time with the owner Rebecca and her curly-haired little girl Athena.


Preview Bjork's new album "Medulla". Normally I would be really excited about a new Bjork record, but I'm on the fence about this one.

Tiny Telebration!


I wish there was a Ctrl+F Find function for real things. Housekeys, lost earrings, that needle I dropped somewhere and don't want to step on. Right now I have no idea where my Frou Frou CD is, and I'm itching to listen to it since "Let Go" has been resurrected on the Garden State soundtrack. I suppose I could listen to my Imogen Heap "I Megaphone" record instead, Imogen's Morissette-ish debut.

I discovered that CD when I was working at ABCD's in Austin in '97 and had free reign to pilfer the promo CDs in the back room. That's also where I discovered The Mayfield Four, whose singer Myles I befriended (we bonded over our worship of Jeff Buckley and Chris Whitley), and 5 years later he's been resurrected as the frontman of Alter Bridge (that's 75% former Creed members for those of you who didn't know).

I'm very happy that Imogen and Myles are back in the spotlight, they're two of the best singers we've got.


My dear pal Ian's found a proper home! Go buy his record today:

Ian Moore -- Luminaria
If you don't buy it, he will be sad: Posted by Hello

Trunk show: Posted by Hello


Someone please start doing this in San Francisco!! I have my own skates and Volcano, I'm Still Excited sounds like the perfect soundtrack.

Conspiracy Theorist: Rilo Kiley's bio.
...Rilo Kiley decided to release the new album themselves. They founded their own label and called it "Brute/Beaute Records"...and then secured major label distribution for the imprint.
So did they REALLY just up and decide they wanted off Saddle Creek (why??) to start their own label, and THEN, out of the blue, Warner Bros. Distribution came calling? -OR- Is this essentially a major label deal that's been set up as an indie imprint distro deal in an attempt to try and maintain their indie rock cred?

New CDs:
Jolie Holland "Escondida"
The Constantines "Constantines"
Azure Ray "Hold On Love" -- don't know why it took me so long to buy this


Last night was Audree's birthday celebration, so I picked up the always entertaining & delightful Josef and we headed to Solstice for a few mojitos. Audree teaches me kickboxing twice a week, bless her, and we also get to talk about DIY design, music & life when she has breaks in her busy schedule. Check out her line of handbags called dutchy. I'm participating in a trunk show she's having the 2nd weekend in September so I'll post details when I get them. It was fun seeing Audree's newlywed friends Alexa and Chris, and Audree's man Tom tells me we're starting a record label.

Josef, me, Audree (sorted according to the size of our skulls)
A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera


"I've got soul but I'm not a soldier" -- The Killers. Um, what?

This line makes no sense and it annoys me. To make things worse, it's repeated, singalong style. Argh. But I like the Killers, I liked them last summer when Braden gave me a 4 song demo that I played over & over in my car. Before the Killers were omigodTHEKILLERS!!! Just sayin'.

I saw that Houston is in the Billboard Top 10 this week, but alas it is not the Houston I know and love. Or make that "loved" -- I just went to their website and saw that they broke up. D'oh! I never got to see them live, but I did barely miss them opening for Shiner (also RIP) a few times. At least we still have The Life and Times.

"Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley" premiered on the big screen over the weekend in LA and London. Congratulations to Nyla and Laurie!! Laurie went to London for the Mojo Magazine premiere, and Nyla, Peter & I headed to LA for the Don't Knock the Rock Film Festival screening. The fabulous and energetic Michael Des Barres welcomed the audience and then brought Mary up, who gave an eloquent introduction to the film. The theatre was nearly sold out (great news for an unannounced screening!) and the audience stayed for a lengthy Q&A following the screening. Thanks to Allison Anders, Tiffany Anders, Gianna Chacere, & Rebecca Fisher -- the film and music festival rocked, appropriately.

Peter, me, Mary, Michelle, Nyla at the Arclight Posted by Hello

I got to see two shows as part of the festival -- John Doe and dios on Thursday night and PJ HARVEY on Sunday. Even though watching John play is always a treat, he was in rare form, and dios (malos), like a rainbow in the dark, swiftly erased any of my Grandaddy-wannabe preconceptions. And PJ. She's a tiny lioness, and she can do no wrong. Here's a crappy camera phone photo of the show:
A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera

It was also great to see Jenny, I mean, Kasey Bomber who invited Ashod and I to the 1st anniversary party for the L.A. Derby Dolls. Good old fashioned roller derby is back! These women are tough, and they're prepared. I can't wait to go to a bout and see Kasey kick some ass.
Kasey Bomber Posted by Hello

Ashod was a fabulous and dashing host, driving us around to shows, movies, overpriced late-night eateries (hot cheesefish sandwich anyone?), and a shoe store with a disappointing selection. I also got to hear good indie rock and see the ship's immaculately clean recording studio. Here's Ashod looking like the lost Baldwin brother.
A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera


For the first time in a long time, I've had the patience and optimism to scout around for new music, but where do I look? I ran across this service from House of Heavy where they send you a compilation of tracks from new bands and you pay a "shipping & handling" charge of $3.33 per month, or $39.98 per year. This company undoubtedly charges each band/label a fee per track, then makes a little bit off of each person's subscription, and we all know that promo compilations are worthless after you've listened to them once. Good thing I can listen to this month's compilation for free online.

Three successful managers lamenting the state of the music industry. I didn't learn anything new from this article, but I agree with most of what they said. Andy Gould makes a good point:
"It's impossible to get anything done these days because record companies are watching every penny while the dollars are flying out the window. They often pay enormous advances for bands that have no real reality base to be paid, and they're paying huge salaries to executives who have failed miserably at other companies. Then when it comes to us going in and asking for something that is basically paying for their salary, which is, 'let's market the records that we're involved with,' they start questioning: Why? Where? How? It's difficult on a good day and impossible on a bad day. They're spending $100 million on mergers that never go through and then when you ask to keep a band on the road for an extra $800 a week they're bitching at you. It's really tough right now."

Shopping list:
Constantines first album


A Picture Share! 

A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera
6 wheeled van!


me and Fil in NYC Posted by Hello

view from my window in SF Posted by Hello

www.youhavebadtasteinmusic.com. Watch the video documentation clips. This guy is hilarious!


I watched a fascinating show on PBS last night about octopuses (octopi?). Most all sea creatures either scare me senseless (whales) or make me want to hork (squids) -- the octopus makes me feel both sensations. Did you know that they can morph & squish themselves into impossibly tiny spaces AND they change the camouflaging colors on their 'skin' faster and more vividly than chameleons? In one experiment, the scientists left an octopus in one tank of water in a lab room, and a couple of tasty crabs in a separate tank of water a couple of feet away. They left cameras running overnight and caught the octopus CLIMBING OUT OF THE TANK, shimmying across the dry floor, and pulling itself into the crab-tank by its sucker-footed arms for a little midnight snack. Seeing that gelatinous glob rolling across the concrete floor was horrifying, but damned impressive.

In music news, I went with my friend Josef to see Joanna Newsom and Sufjan Stevens on Saturday night at the Great American. Joanna did not disappoint -- of course I was impressed with her songwriting and her skills as a harp player, but what most impresses me is her fearless, unapologetic delivery of her art. There are no caveats, no qualifications, no chasers. You either get it or you don't. Amen to that. Sufjan's band sounded great, but what was with the inane boy scout uniforms? They're not the Hives. They don't need a costume shtick.

It's gray and rainy in San Francisco this morning. Time to make some scarves.

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