Got back from NYC a few days ago, it was filling to see so many friends (Mark, Fil, Karla, Doobinin, Morgan, Rachel, Jesse, JW, Laurie, Jack, Wes, Reid, Nate, Craig, Brandon, Poe, Chris from A2, and Dondero & Craig D up from SF) and so much music (Dave Doobinin, Jesse Harris, Craig Wedren, The Good Life, Death Cab, Electric Six, Har Mar Superstar, Blonde Redhead, Duncan Sheik & David Poe, Morgan Taylor & Rachel Loshak, Dave Dondero, who am I leaving out?). It depressed me to come back to SF, isn't the sunny weather supposed to be uplifting?

Nyla and I went to see HEART last night at the Mountain Winery. They rocked my socks off, just like last year, and I got to sit on the side of the stage!! So I was about 2o feet from my idol, Nancy Wilson. Thanks to Brandon and the guitar-slinging Anne McCue for generously hooking me up.

A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera
A blurry shot I took of Ann & Nancy from the side of the stage. Woohoo!

New CDs:
Baby (Craig Wedren's new band)
Tilly and the Wall "Wild Like Children"
Dave Doobinin "What Your Money Wants"
The Constantines "Shine A Light" - Nighttime/Anytime (It's Alright)!
the wrens " the meadowlands"
Chris Whitley "Weed"

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